January 19, 2018

Live, breath and drive MR2's. Everything and anything JDM related.

Hi there I’m assuming if you are reading this you either have a keen interest in MR2’s or JDM cars. As do I!
It started, (and I can’t believe I’m about to admit this lol) when I was about 11-12years old and I saw the first “Fast and Furious” movie. I was amazed by those crazily modified street racing sports cars and (didn’t at the time but along the way) noticed they are all Japanese mainly.. TOYOTA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, SUBARU you get the the point lol. So I was determined to have myself a super street racing, nitrous breathing, flame spitting sports car. With insane vinyls and custom paint jobs. Hahahaha,, we were all 15 once eyyy..

Then, I was about 17 years old maybe 18 and I was leaving a nightclub with my crew 😉 when my brothers friend offered for me to ride shotgun with him bk to our chosen destination. It was on this fateful night that my life would change. You see my brothers friend, (won’t say his full name but let’s call him De) he had a 1992 MR2 GT N/A Uk spec I believe, with a few mods.
I was so excited when we approached the car, felt like a kid getting on a ride and oh gosh was I wrong?? NO! The experience of being in a MR2 was like no other! The air being sucked in through the open air filter and the beastly exhaust roaring as we mockingly embarrass other cars on the road. It was fantastic!! From then on I knew I would own one of these machines..

At 22 I bought my first car..

Oh yes..

I did it..


My 1993 Jap import MR2 N/A!!!

Although this car broke down on the M40 (i think??) 170mi from my house (LOL) because the clutch burnt out!! I loved every minute of owning it! Unfortunately, after 6months or so, it got stolen from me and smashed up.. I had to scrap her :'(……. BUT
I didn’t stop there! 😀

I’ve owned six MR2s to date, three turbo models and three N/A’s.. It’s not that I don’t want a “newer” I have tried to drive others but this car is like NO other it has characteristics that once you have felt and experienced nothing else will do!

So this is my website and I am a proud owner of my 1992 REV 2 J-reg MR2 Turbo :D…………………..

In the beggining

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